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Tree Removal in Sarasota

The trees in Sarasota are big and beautiful. There’s nothing better than listening to the sound of rustling leaves as a warm coastal breeze blows between their branches. It’s one of the things that make our seaside city so lovely. And it’s one of the reasons we decided to become arborists! However, everybody in Sarasota knows that all our good weather comes at a price. Big thunderstorms and hurricanes can wreak havoc on our trees. If they’re sick or injured they can be blown down. If lightning strikes them they can be split open or catch on fire. When that happens it’s far too dangerous to go at it alone. You need to call in the experts.

You need tree removal services from Apex Tree And Landscape!

Does My Tree Need to Be Removed?

If there’s been a storm and your tree is lying in your front yard, it’s pretty obvious that you need to remove it. But if your tree is sick, it might be weakening without you even noticing. Sick, unhealthy, or dying trees pose serious risks to anyone nearby. Here are five signs that your tree might need to be removed.

  1. Mushrooms and other fungi can cause decay in the structure of a tree. Keep an eye for any that might be growing around the base of your tree.
  2. Chipped and peeling bark might indicate a fungal disease.
  3. Cracks or cavities in the trunk can seriously weaken it.
  4. Thin branches growing without any buds on them can be a sign of disease.
  5. Dead and dying branches may indicate a disease or parasite.

It’s important to always call a professional arborist to assess your tree. Identifying one or more of these signs should be the first step towards getting help. At Apex Tree And Landscape, we can diagnose any illness that might be afflicting your tree. In many cases, your tree won’t need to be removed at all, but you’re better safe than sorry. We’ve seen enough trees fall on people’s homes!

Do I Need a Tree Removal Service to Remove My Tree?

The short answer is: yes! You absolutely do. Tree removal is not a DIY job. Dead trees can be very unpredictable. If you don’t know what kind of signs to look for, the tree might fall in a way that you weren’t expecting. Even with healthy trees, there are a lot of variables. Our professional arborists are experts at reading trees. They know precisely what parts of a tree to modify so that the tree comes down in a predictable way.

Even for trees that are already laying on the ground have their own dangers. Tree branches and tree trunks are extremely heavy. If they’re not cut properly they can seriously injure you or anyone nearby. Then there’s the problem of managing the heavy machinery required to cut up a tree.

There’s a reason that Apex Tree And Landscape is in the business of tree removal. Keep yourself, your loved ones, and your property safe. Contact Sarasota’s own Apex Tree And Landscape. The region’s best tree removal service.