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Tree Pruning in Sarasota

The trees that line the streets in Sarasota are a big part of what makes this city such a beautiful one to live in. Trees provide shade, visual interest, and height to any landscape. As they mature and their foliage spreads over your property, they also provide a soundproofing effect, sheltering your backyard from the noises of the city and turning it into a comfortable oasis. Choosing to plant trees on your commercial or residential property in Sarasota also does wonders to boost the curb appeal of your building.

All in all, there’s a lot to like about choosing to plant trees or nurturing the existing grove you have. That said, those same trees may be a low-maintenance plant to have on your property, but they’re not a no-maintenance plant. They need the same care and attention as any living thing to be their healthiest and best.

That’s where Apex Tree And Landscape’s tree pruning service comes in handy. Our tree trimming and tree pruning services preserve the best part of the canopy on your property while keeping your trees healthy and neat. Risks from falling branches or tangled growth is minimized and you keep all the benefits of your trees with none of the cons!

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Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Did you know that tree trimming and tree pruning actually refer to two separate concepts for arborists? Tree trimming is cuts and shearing made to preserve the look of a tree, where tree pruning is usually reserved for cuts designed to preserve the health of the tree and the safety of the property owners. However, the process behind them is exactly the same: your arborist from Apex Tree And Landscape will apply pruning shears or a saw as needed.

Whether you want tree trimming to create a particular look on your commercial or residential property or you need tree pruning services to correct dangerous growth, the choice is clear: Apex Tree And Landscape provides amazing results at affordable prices.

Signs You May Need Tree Pruning

Not sure whether your trees are healthy? Can’t tell the difference between an elm and an ash? That’s ok. There are certain telltale signs that suggest a tree may be in need of pruning to maintain its best state of health—and to protect your property from falling branches. Call Apex Tree And Landscape if you see any of the following:

  • Branches rubbing together
  • Branches growing through telephone or electrical wires
  • Unruly growth through buildings, gutters, roofs, or root systems in sidewalks
  • Infected or weak limbs
  • Storm damage
  • Cankers or mushrooms on trunk or limbs

How Do I Book the Best Tree Pruning Services Near Me?

This is the easy part. To book the best tree trimming services near you, or to schedule an emergency tree pruning, pick up the phone and call Apex Tree And Landscape. We’ll be happy to provide you an estimate on our services. We can even swing by and get to work today if you need us! Call for a quote now!