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Tree Trimming in Sarasota

Apex Tree And Landscape is proud to provide an array of tree trimming and pruning services to the Sarasota area. Our clients appreciate the promptness of our service and the expertise of our fully trained staff of arborists.

We specialize in trees of all types and ages, and carefully assess the unique needs of each property.

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Is it Time to Get my Tree Trimmed?

The following signs can indicate a need for professional tree trimming:

  • Proximity of tree branches to power lines
  • Proximity of tree branches to homes or buildings
  • Trees have not been trimmed or pruned in the past three years
  • Branches that appear dead, unhealthy, or structurally unsound
  • Trees that are unsightly or in need or reshaping

Why is Tree Trimming Important?

At Apex Tree And Landscape, we believe in the spectacular natural beauty of trees. In addition to providing shelter and shade, trees supply a bountiful array of flowers and fruit. The state of Florida is blessed with a wonderful range of tree species, adding color and elegance to our seaside landscape.

Tree trimming is crucial for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Florida often sees volatile weather patterns, and damaged/hazardous trees pose a significant threat to your property. Apex Tree And Landscape works efficiently to remove unhealthy or diseased limbs, maintaining a tree’s natural appearance and ensuring its health over a long life.

How it Works

Apex Tree And Landscape’s staff uses the latest and safest equipment. From shears to cranes, our team will select the best option for your property. Safety is our top priority in trimming and pruning.

Upon arrival at your property, we will evaluate the health and strength of the trees, shrubs, or hedges in question. We ensure that our work will maintain the safety and appearance of your property. We immediately remove problem areas while retaining as much living vegetation as possible.

For your convenience, we offer you the choice of swiftly removing fallen branches from your property or cutting them into firewood.

In the case of a young tree, regular pruning and trimming can often alleviate more substantial problems later. Pruned trees tend to grow stronger, faster, and are less susceptible to diseases.

In addition to offering free quotes, we are pleased to provide affordable and competitive rates for our services!

Emergency Tree Trimming

If you are in need of emergency tree trimming services, you can count on the rapid reliability of Apex Tree And Landscape to quickly tackle the situation.

Branches that are damaged or partially severed can be dangerous, particularly in periods of intense wind and rain. We work under any weather condition and at any time of day or night, to ensure the safety of your family and your home.

In the case of a tree which is dangerously close to infrastructure or utility lines, Apex Tree And Landscape even offers full-service tree removal. Stumps can be cut down to the ground, or removed completely, depending on your specifications.

Emergency Tree Inspection

In moments of uncertainty, Apex Tree And Landscape is ready to assess and advise.

If you find yourself doubting the strength and integrity of a tree on your property— have no fear. We will immediately dispatch a representative who will quickly evaluate and determine the best course of action.

We will trim and remove it as necessary, remedying the problem before it occurs.