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Tree Trimming

Apex Tree And Landscape is proud to provide an array of tree trimming and pruning services to the Sarasota area. Our clients appreciate the promptness of our service and the expertise of our fully trained staff of arborists.


Tree Removal

The trees in Sarasota are big and beautiful. There’s nothing better than listening to the sound of rustling leaves as a warm coastal breeze blows between their branches. It’s one of the things that make our seaside city so lovely. And it’s one of the reasons we decided to become arborists! However, everybody in Sarasota knows that all our good weather comes at a price. Big thunderstorms and hurricanes can wreak havoc on our trees. If they’re sick or injured they can be blown down. If lightning strikes them they can be split open or catch on fire. When that happens it’s far too dangerous to go at it alone. You need to call in the experts.